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About Us

Created by the Netherlands-based company Tocoop, xWin is a sports prediction game platform where you can win prizes. We have great games for the fans that love sports and competition based on knowledge.
Each football prediction competition has different requirements. Usually, these competitions are consisted from real football matches which part of the European football leagues and competitions. However, there may be competitions with football matches organized in other football leagues across the globe.
In order to enter the competition each user needs to fill a prediction form. These forms are the core of the xWin app and they are used to claim your win and for the global rankings.
The users that have the maximum correct guesses required in the competition win the predetermined prize. xWin makes sports even more fun and exciting. Sports fans finally have an app where they can give their opinion and showcase their sports knowledge. Its competitiveness and prize-winning features make it a must-try for every real sports fans!